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Center Valley Memorial Gardens - A History

Nestled at the foot of Crow Mountain in southern Pope County is a beautiful stretch of land that has been in the Humphrey Family for over a century. Herman Humphrey and his brothers grew up within a mile down Center Valley Road from the cemetery site, and all attended Center Valley School. Herman Humphrey entered the funeral business as a partner with Garner Funeral Home in 1933, eventually assuming full ownership of the business. The Humphrey Family continues to serve the families of our community today with Jim Bob Humphrey and his son, James Humphrey.

More than a decade ago, Jim Bob Humphrey captured a vision for this family land becoming a cemetery. Having served our community as a funeral home owner for over 40 years, and having visited more than 260 surrounding cemeteries, Jim Bob dreamed of taking the best attributes of especially rural cemeteries and integrating them into his own. These would included historical elements, monument stones and perpetual care provisions.

As the dream has evolved over the years, it has emerged as more than just a cemetery. This place of rest will personify a multi-dimensional concept, one in which memory, reflection, honor and dignity are experienced in every section and at every turn. From the initial phase currently undergoing development though its final completion, Center Valley Memorial Gardens will offer individual plots and monument stones intricately landscaped with a uniformed look. Family sections will offer multiple plots with private shrubbery and granite benches for quiet reflection. Individual upright monuments will accommodate the interment of cremains urns, and yet another section for "green burials."

A special section of Center Valley Memorial Gardens will be reserved for the interment of veterans and their spouses (or other designated family member) who are eligible under provisions established by the National Cemetery Scheduling Office of the United States Veterans Administration. Marble stand-up markers characteristic of those in national cemeteries will honor & recognize each loved one's rank and era of service to our county.

This enriched concept poses more than just a cemetery, but a place as well for family gatherings and celebration of life & legacy. A natural walking trail alongside a tributary to Baker's Creek and our adjacent pond provides a serene setting for remembrance & renewal. Stopping points along with the way will provide benches for restful thought and reflection.

The beauty and setting of Center Valley Memorial Gardens will offer individuals and families an option for final rest not found in any other local cemetery. Contact our office at (479) 968-4411 for information about reserving plots.

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