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Green Burial

We carry the eco-friendly casket which is hand crafted by skilled weavers. It is suitable for green burial and clean cremation. Each casket features convenient handles for carrying, along with a natural cotton lining, pillow and shroud.
Your purchase of a eco-friendly casket has enormous benefit to rural populations. It provides badly needed seasonal income for families in rural communities. The sea grass plants are fast growing, easy to harvest and require no fertilizers. The willow plants replenish fertility in depleted soils in addition to providing habitats for birds and insects. They also act as windbreaks, stabilize soil and combat both rive and coastal erosion.

The sea grass used to make these caskets is not grown in the ocean but, rather in fields like rice paddy's that are seasonally flooded with sea water. Since the caskets are handmade, they may vary slightly in color and appearance. Each casket has a flat underside to provide added strength.
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